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Here at Kitchen Bar Stools we take pride in being devoted to stools bringing you everything you need to know for choosing the perfect stools for you.

Bar stools are not an easy item of furniture to pick. They are almost always on display meaning that guests will always see the stools before they see the kitchen. The first impression is usually the most powerful and therefore you should make sure that your bar stools are something to be proud of.

So have a look through the site, read a few reviews and out guides but most importantly take your time when choosing which stools to go for.

What You Need to Know About Kitchen Bar Stools

Some people say that a stool is a stool. It is clear that these people haven't given it much thought. There are many factors that should influence your buying decision when selecting a stool.

First of all consider what height stools you need for your kitchen or bar. There isn't a uniform height for bar stools so you have to make sure that the manufacturer's measurements are tolerable so that your stools will fit under your bar. That's if you want to keep your stools hidden under the bar when they are not in use, which brings us onto the next point: the looks.

For many people bar stools are fashion statements. Some prefer flashy designs, bright sparkling chrome, leather, while some people settle for a more simplistic wooden feel. Its totally up to you, the most important thing is that you like the design of the stools.

Try to picture the stools in your bar or kitchen, do they match the other furniture? Do you want them to match the other furniture or is the whole point to have them stand out from the norm? It's entirely up to you but please do make sure that you consider how the entire room will look and feel with the bar stools present. Don't wait till you've brought them home to find out that they don't really fit the room.

Next, pay attention to the centre of gravity. Some tall stools with narrow feet can be quite unstable when you are sitting on them. Pay special attention to this if you are wanting the stools for a bar as once we've had a couple of drinks out stability is usually questionable. Individuals looking to buy stools for commercial premises need to pay special attention to this as injuries resulting from dangers stools can result in injury claims against you or the owner of the premises.

Another important factor is the build quality of the stools. Stools are not the most complicated feats of engineering and therefore it is easy for manufactures to product cheap products. The problem is that the quality of the stool can often suffer. We would therefore strongly recommend paying slightly more for better quality stools as the longer lifespan of the stool will be more then worth the extra investment.

Bar Stool Recommendations

We have seen so many kitchens and bars all different shapes colours and sizes and picked up a few popular types of bar stools that you might want to take a look at.

One of the most popular stools is the classic chrome legs and leather seat. Chrome works well with almost any kitchen. You can use them in a traditional all wooden kitchen to ad that modern twist, or in a super modern kitchen to fit in with the modern theme. If you are looking for a universal bar stool that anyone like then the chrome and leather combo is a great place to start looking.

Wooden bar stools are far harder to pick. For some reason wood and bar stools doesn't always go together. Having said that there are some beautiful examples of wooden bar stools so don't be discouraged if you have your heart set on them. The main problem is being able the right cut and shape that compliments a bar or kitchen. For some reason matching them to your room is one of the trickiest things you will encounter so pay extra attention to how they will look in your kitchen before you make the purchase.

Single leg bar stools are also popular however these types of bar stool often suffer from the high centre of gravity problem. This is mainly due to the fact that aesthetically, having a larger single leg with a wide base is not very nice so manufacturers push the limits of how small they can make the base of the stool, trading stool stability for looks. Take care when sitting on these bar stools. It is also worth mentioning that these types of stools can sometimes be extremely heavy as the manufacturers try to compensate of the stability problems buy adding weight to the leg and base in an effort to weight the stool down. If you plan to move your stools around frequently perhaps consider a lighter type of stool.